Why Customer Experience matters?

Think in the face of anyone who is queuing in a “quick” restaurant, suddenly a young boy put his phone above the restaurant counter and gets his freshly made food. That’s all, 10 minutes vs 10 seconds, the value time.

The current traditional purchase flow have a big problem. Queues are generated because of the inefficiency taking an order at the counter. It creates bottlenecks that cause large queues, client dropping and losing money.

CLOSETEK avoid it completely.

We are a hardware startup

We want to be an international standard. Our users will have their orders within 10 seconds, those who are not our customers will have to wait 10 minutes


Millenials and full-connected people wants real fast solutions. We don’t want you to waste your time when you are hungry


The smell and sound of opening and closing CTK counter are strongly determinant factors to stimulate and persuade the customers.